Waterproof Test Chamber

Water entering the product may cause circuit short circuit or increased resistance, uneven heating and cooling, product rupture or failure, etc. Waterproof test chambers are often used in electronics, automobiles, communications... and other product shells to test the waterproofing effect of products using simulated rainfall. PERFORMANCE AND EVALUATION Serious failure caused by loss of waterproofing properties of the product.

Waterproof Test Chamber

Waterproof Test Chamber

Waterproof Test Chamber

Mô tả sản phẩm

Inner box size(W*D*H)mm1000*1000*10001300*1200*18001700*1400*1900
Outer box size(W*D*H)mm1500*1270*19402500*1450*25002900*1700*2600
Standard testJIS, ISO, IEC60529, DIN40050, GB2423, GB4208 and other related shell tests
JIS test

R flow 1.8L/min-3.9L/min          S flow 24.5L/min-39.2L/min   

R pressure 0.1kgf/c㎡-0.3kgf/c㎡    S pressure 1kgf/c㎡-3kgf/c㎡

Drip testIPX1 IPX2 Dripping speed:1-1.5mm/min Adjustable              Dripping speed3-3.5mm/min Adjustable
Swing tube testIPX3 IPX4 Oscillating tube:±60℃ ~ ±180℃                   flow:0.07L/min per Nozzl
Water spray testIPX5 IPX6 Injection:2.5m - 3m                           flow:12.5L/min - 100L/min
High pressure injectionIPX9K Injection pressure:80Mpa - 100Mpa               flow:14L - 16L/min

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